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5 Best Sewing Machine for Cosplay Reviews (Updated 2020)

by David Pankey
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Cosplay is excitement and an amusing thing. It is one of the most famous and widely known hobbies. Cosplay is also known as the practice of creating and wearing a costume of a personifying character. It can be from novels, comics, movies, science fiction TV shows, video games. Everyone has a different choice and idea for their cosplay.

Besides, cosplay costumes are very creative and elaborate, so it is tough to find a cosplay outfit from the store. It is much easier to make your cosplay costume with some of the best sewing machine for cosplay at your home. When it comes to making your own cosplay costumes, it is essential to have a particular sewing machine with functional features. And some features like free arm, built-in stitch, durability is most important.

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SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Best Sewing Machines for Cosplay Reviews 2020

In this article, I will let you know about some of the best sewing machine for cosplay. These sewing machines stand out from any other because of their functionality. Go through the list to learn more about them.


1. SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

This heavy-duty sewing machine from Singer is top of our pick because of its performance. No other sewing machine offers many things in this budget. This sewing machine is a real gem. Its powerful motor comes with 50% more power and speeds to sew much heavy and thicker fabric so you can use it as a sewing machine for denim fabric.

It is a versatile sewing machine to complete your cosplay costume more efficiently, and you can use it to sew any thick fabric like jeans and canvas. It can sew 1,100 stitches-per-minute, and it is equipped with built-in 97 stitch applications for basic to decorative any style of the stitch.

Also, This machine comes with a full metal frame structure that ensures its durability. Its durable construction and 25 years limited warranty make it one of the reliable and good sewing machine for cosplay. Furthermore, A bunch of free accessories comes with this sewing machine.

SINGER 4423 Sewing Features:

  • It is designed to sew many projects like cosplay, fashions, home décor, quilts, crafts, and many more.
  • It’s powerful motor, and automatic needle threader makes it very user friendly.
  • This sewing machine comes with four presser feet and a one-step buttonhole.
  • It has a 6mm adjustable stitch width, length, and automatic needle threader that makes it convenient to operate.
  • It comes with an extra-high presser feet position to accommodate thick fabrics.

2. JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

This lightweight and easy to move sewing machine from Juki is a perfect blend of size and features. This machine has the ability to enhance the quality of seaming with efficiency while working. This sewing machine comes with smart threading technology, and it has almost four sergers of thread that make it easy to operate.

It is also a portable sewing machine that takes a little space, but it can give you a satisfactory output. Besides, this machine comes with an automatic rolled hem allowing its user to roll over the end of the hem, and it also can make overlock stitch for necessary durability.

This sewing machine also has differential feed and stitch length to help you get maximum control while sewing. It also has multi-purpose feet for unique stitching for elastic and tape. Besides, this sewing machine comes with extra presser feet for piping, blind stitching, gathering, and cording.

JUKI MO654DE Features:

  • This sewing machine has a built-in color-coded threading breakaway looper system for adjusting differential feed and stitch length.
  • It can sew any kind of light to heavy material, And the maximum stitch length is 4mm.
  • You will get smart multi-functional feet that can penetrate any type of fabric.
  • This machine has a solid construction but lightweight with an eye-catchy design.
  •  Its high-quality motor can do 1500 quality stitch per minute.

3. Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

This computerized sewing machine is manufactured by one of the best sewing machine brands Brother. Its functional design and F.A.S.T. needle threading system makes it more convenient and exceptional to the user. Besides, its built-in complete table can support you when working on a big project or quilting.

Moreover, This sewing machine has 110 built-in stitches, and it comes with an LCD display that allows users to choose their own stitches design and settings. Besides other functionality, it’s easy to operate feature makes it one of the best sewing machine for costume design.

Overall, this sewing machine equipped with eight styles of one-step, auto-size buttonholes,  free arm capability makes it the best sewing machine for cosplay. If you worry about its built quality and durability, You will be happy to hear that this sewing machine comes with a long-time warranty and 24/7 customer care support.

Brother XR9550PRW Features:

  • This sewing machine is designed to provide its user more flexibility, durability as well as stability.
  • It comes with a drop feed for free motion allowing the user to use their hands while sewing or quilting.
  • Its automatic needle threader and thread cutter make your project look more appealing.
  •  It can sew almost any light to heavy fabric such as denim hems, upholstery, and canvas.
  • You can get a protective hard case and ton of accessories in the box when it arrives.

4. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

This high-quality entry-level sewing machine from Janome comes at an affordable price. It is specially designed for beginners, so it is easy to use, reliable. This machine is made with a stable and durable design to serve for a long time.

Moreover, this non-digital sewing machine comes with many smart features to give a very professional and quality stitch. It comes with a 4-step buttonhole and 12 built-in stitches; it also has a dial pattern function and width adjustment.

Besides, Just like any other standard sewing machine, this one has drop feed and a free arm to handle any kind of complex project. If you are an expert or a beginner, that doesn’t matter, and you will get a top-quality stitch.

Janome 2212 Sewing Features:

  • This sewing machine has a front-loading bobbin system and a foldable carrying handle.
  • You can get stitch length adjustments up to 4mm, Also a built-in thread cutter.
  • Its sturdy and heavy construction ensures its longevity.
  • This primary sewing machine can sew multiple layers of fabric.
  • This sewing machine comes with an exclusive bonus bundle and explicit instruction.

5. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-in Stitches,

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-in StitchesThis one is another good beginner sewing machine from Brother. Unlike any other digital sewing machine, it is straightforward to operate, and this feature makes it very convenient for beginner users. This sewing and quilting machine comes with an LCD display that can indicate your selection on this display.

Also, it has a speed adjustable motor that will provide full control while working. Its built-in 60 sewing style, seven styles of one-step buttonholes, and nine different presser feet allow it to work with more diverse and large projects.

Moreover, this sewing machine comes with a brightly lit sewing area to help you work with any dark fabric. Besides, when you are sewing any pant legs, sleeves, and other cylindrical, its built-in free arm can help you do it effortlessly.

Brother Sewing and Quilting Features:

  • It comes with adjustable sewing speed and an automatic needle threader.
  • It’s jam-resistant technology, and stitch length and wide adjustment facility make it user friendly.
  • This sewing can be used with or without a foot pedal.
  • Its large quilting table and a built-in free arm for any cylindrical stitch.
  • Its stitch selector switch makes it easy to select and see stitch style.

How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Cosplay?

If you are looking for a sewing machine, especially for your costumes, you should consider some essential things. Before purchasing any ordinary sewing machine, you should keep in mind that for a cosplay costume, a sewing machine must be easy to operate, and some additional features should be included.

Another essential factor you have to consider before buying any sewing machine for cosplay that is built-in stitches. Some decorative stitches come with sewing machines that can enormously increase the quality and presentation of your outfits.

Let’s talk about other important things about choosing a sewing machine for cosplay:


Mechanical sewing machines are standard, and they are also cheaper. They also come with some preset stitches; usually, they have a knob to change the stitch style. On the other hand, electrical sewing machines come with a built-in computer to switch stitches. Also, they have a wide variety of stitch options.

You can use preloaded stitches, or you can download them from the internet also. They are more precise than a mechanical sewing machine. But they are more expensive than a mechanical sewing machine.


Sewing machine control makes a considerable difference between sewing and quality sewing. Some mechanical sewing machines have a knob to adjust stitch type and length. But the electrical sewing machine comes with an LCD display and touch or button. That allows for more accurate and useful control.

Number and type of stitches:

When you are making your cosplay costume, it is essential to have the various styles of stitch in your sewing machine. You can take advantage and make your cosplay costume more appealing by decorative stitch.

Decorative and straightforward buttonholes can also make a difference, so it is important to have a decorative or simple stitch and buttonholes in your sewing machine.

Presser feet:

Presser feet are another important thing to consider. It holds your fabric as you stitch. Many sewing machines come with one or more presser feet. Sometimes they have to purchase separately. But the upgraded sewing machine comes with various presser feet so that you can complete your elaborate cosplay costume more easily.

Size, Weight, Durability:

Mentioned three things are very important not only for a sewing machine but also for anything you buy. If you like to travel with your sewing machine, then a compact and portable sewing machine will be great. If the sewing machine becomes heavyweight, it is difficult to move from one to another space. So if you are interested in purchasing any sewing machine for cosplay, it should be lightweight for your convenience.

Durability matters a lot because you can not buy a sewing machine every day. So before purchase, any sewing machine goes for renowned and trusted brands like Singer, Brother, Juki, and Janome.

Which Sewing Machine Would You Recommend For Cosplay?

As we said before, you can make your cosplay costume with any standard sewing machine also you can go for a special one which is specially designed for a cosplay costume. The difference is the electrical sewing machine will be best for cosplay.

They are easy to operate, easy to control speed, or stitch length, and wide. To be more specific, making cosplay costumes, not like other costumes, is a little bit difficult and needs special stitches or finish. But Brother sewing machines are very functional, so, indeed, your work will be more precious and exceptional if you use any Brother sewing machine. Brother XR9550PRW sewing and quilting machine are the perfect one for doing any cosplay project. This sewing machine is equipped with 165 built-in stitches and much more.

Final Thought

Now you know many things about the sewing machine that might be useful when you want to sew your cosplay costume. Making any cosplay costume takes a lot of time and effort. Beginners many face some difficulty while they try to sew their cosplay costume with a standard sewing machine. But some particular sewing machine is also available in the market that makes it handier.

If you are a beginner and you enjoy making cosplay, I recommend you go for the Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine. It is equipped with many unique features that make it stand out from others and make it one of the best sewing machine for cosplay. Its longevity, durable, and reliable, built quality, you will definitely love it.

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