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by David Pankey

David Pankey – Isewing Author

Hi! I am David Pankey. The author of the “isewing” website. I am a fashion designer, businessman & blog writer. As a fashion designer, I had worked in many reputed companies and just seven years before I had started my own business. Now I have three designers’ branded shops. The “isewing” site is all about the best sewing machine and its related accessories and their use and maintenance techniques.

There’s an important reason behind creating this site. From my job life to my business, I have noticed that most of my colleagues, friends, and my employees are getting confused with the sewing machine. They actually make mistakes in choosing the right sewing machine for the right task. That is the core reason, I have decided to write on this matter.

Here in this site, you’ll get every single information about the sewing machine and their easy using techniques. I’ll tell you how to choose the right sewing machine, which sewing machine you may need for which task, and how to operate them properly. By connecting on this site, you will always get the latest update about the best & budget-friendly sewing machine, their use and maintenance techniques, etc. 


David Pankey 

Isewing Author