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How To Change Sewing Machine Needle?

by David Pankey
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Sewing this word is very common in the household works and the garments factory. The ferment factories use the sewing machine for denim, silk, linen, rayon, and more. We need to sew torn clothes or make new clothes in our daily life. So, a needle is like a sword in the process of sewing. It is a thing by which we make a hole in clothes and put the yarn around it. As we know, sewing by hand in an old fashion now. In this new era, we use the sewing machine to sew clothes.

But using one needle in the sewing machine cannot pull out the task for life long. So we need to know how to change sewing machine needle. Let’s analyze the process step by step.

What Causes A Needle To Break On A Sewing Machine?

It’s a common question on how a needle can be broken? Some reasons are liable for this matter. Let’s talk about the causes which break a needle on a sewing machine.


Place the needle correctly:

If you want your needle to be stable and long-lasting, you will have to perfectly place the needles in your sewing machine. What you need to do is place the flat side aiming at the back of the needle. You should also place the needle as up as possible in the machine.

The size ratio of the Needle and yarn:

If you want your needle not to break regularly, then maintain the proper size of the needle and thread for your machine. There is a perfect ratio of thread according to your needle size. Choose the perfect one. If your combination of yarn and needle is not perfect then the needle will break soon.

Work with ease:

Do not haste while working with the sewing machine. If you are hastily sewing, you may pull the clothes tight, which will hamper your needle-sharp and break it. So, work with patients to get a good result. 

Damaged one works badly:

If your needle has been damaged with time, then try to replace it. The damaged or bent needle can be broken while working.

How To Change Sewing Machine Needle?

As we have told that, you cannot work with a single needle for a lifetime. You will have to change the needle with the flow of time. So, in these circumstances, you may ask how to change sewing machine needle? Isn’t it? Or why should you change the needle? 


Well, with the flow of time, the needle gets blunt and may break due to some mistakes of yours. So, let’s discuss the reasons for breaking the needle first, then the process of changing the sewing machine needle. 

Now you have got to know the reasons for breaking your needle. I hope you will avoid those mistakes. Now it’s time to know about the changing process of the machine needle. 

If you are wondering, “God knows, how hard is that!” Then hold up there and stop worrying. It’s a simple 5 step process to change the sewing machine needle. Let’s get into the steps.

Loosen Up the Screw:

Whether you’ve picked a new needle and you need to remove the old one from the machine to place the new one. So, hold the needle with the left hand and loose the screw gently with the right hand.

Pull out the needle:

As you are done with the losing step, now you will have to pull the needle a little challenging. Then it will come to your hand easily. 

Place the new needle:

If you are done removing the old needle, then insert the new one. Gently push the needle as up as possible inside the machine facing the needle’s backside to the machine. Hold the needle-like that and wait for the fourth step.

Tight the screw:

Now tight the screw perfectly so that the needle doesn’t fall. 

Place the threads:

If you are done with changing the needles, then place the thread into the needle-like before and start working. You will see a better sewing result for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you have got to know the process of changing sewing machine needles; you can use them in your daily life. But still, some questions may pop up into your mind. Let’s guess and try to answer them.

Are sewing machine needles universal?

The answer is no; all the sewing machine needles are not universal. Especially the needles used for Industry or commercial sites are not universal. But some needles are made in such ways that are good for domestic uses. 

When to change sewing machine needles?

After a certain time of working with your needle, it may get bent or damaged. Then you should go for changing the damaged needle. 

How often should you change your sewing machine needle?

It is generally suggested that you should change your sewing machine needle after a project. But you should change the needle after 8 consecutive sewing hours with a needle.

Final Words

Sewing is a common work in our daily life and garment industry. Once there was a time when people used to sew manually with the help of hand. Now the time has changed, and humans are getting used to machines. So, the sewing machine is used now for sewing. 

In knowing the sewing machine, it is important to know how to change sewing machine needle. We have discussed the steps of changing the sewing machine needle briefly. You can go through them and work according to them to get a better result. 

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