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How To Close A Pillow With A Sewing Machine?

by David Pankey
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Sewing is a kind of art that helps a person build clothes or other materials made with fabrics. You can make a dress, curtains, napkins, etc. with the help of sewing. Besides, sewing machines for free motion quilting is widely used in garments and houses, as well. If you wish to build a pillow with the help of a sewing machine, you need to know how to close a pillow with a sewing machine.

No worries, we’ve figured out an easy guide to help you to sew your pillow. We’ll analyze the steps of closing a pillow with a sewing machine and give you some safety tips. Let’s get into a brief discussion.

How To Close A Pillow With A Sewing Machine?

As you have got to know, you can make a pillow at home with ease with a sewing machine. But the question or you may call it the problem, is how to close a pillow with a sewing machine? There are multiple steps to fulfill this task, and now we are going to discuss them step by step simultaneously. Let’s talk about them.


Selection of Fabric:

Before closing a pillow, you will have to prepare a pillow and its other parts. For that work, you will have to choose a particular fabric to make your pillow. There are multiple fabrics, like cotton, linen, silk, etc. If you want comfort, you can choose the cotton fabric, but you should go for the silk material if you are looking for an aesthetic look. Choose the fabric wisely according to your wish.

Match components :

If you are done selecting your material, then select a color for your pillow. After that, select the perfect color of thread. If you want to have a light color pillow, then choose light green, light yellow, sky blue, or white color. If you want dark, then go for red, black, or purple colors. But try to choose the colors according to the interior of your house.

Cut the fabrics:

Now, if you are done with choosing elements, then cut the fabrics. You can cut them either into a round or square shape, whichever you want. If you want your pillow in other shapes, then you can go for them too. Cut two pieces of fabric at the same size and place them on under another.

Stich the three sides:

Now you are done with the placement, let’s stitch them. Hold your layer of fabric perfectly and start stitching the layer using a sewing machine. Stitch only three sides of the fabrics and let one side of it open. Do not haste and work patiently, so the distance of each side stitch is equal and perfect.

Design as per your desire:

Now the cover is ready, so why not give it an own touch of art? You can make a design around the pillow cover and use thread to design on it. But after design, press your pillow with a hot iron so that the design gets fixed there.

Put the materials inside:

Now you are done with your pillow. As you can see that the pillow cover looks like a pocket, so put your material into the pocket. You can use cotton, feathers, or other material as per your wish to give your pillow shape.

Closing the left side of the pillow:

Now I know that this is the most important part of this discussion and a large number of you wish to know how to do this work. As you know, after putting the materials, the pillow is big now, so it’s hard to stitch the side like that. So, I suggest using manual stitching here, but sewing with a machine is the only option if you don’t know the manual stitching.

If you wish to sew this part with thread, you have to get the cover larger than your need. You can cut the cover larger and put stitches around the three sides with some extra gap. After that, you can use those extra parts to put into the machine by holding it in the pillow at the table’s corner.

By this technique, you can stitch the closing side of the pillow. But you have got another two options for sewing the closing. They are the button closure method and zip closure method.

In the button closure method, you can have a small hole to put your materials into the pillow. After that, fix a button in that open area of your pillow.  Then you can simply close the button and use your pillow. In this method, you can change your materials after a particular time. This is an advantage.

While in the zip-close method, you will have to fix a zip system in part from where you wish to put your cotton inside. After that, you can simply put your materials inside the pillow and close the zip perfectly. These systems also have the advantage of changing materials anytime.

Safety Tips When Using A Sewing Machine

As you know, about the pillow’s closing system by sewing machine, you need to know something more. As I care about your safety issue, I will share some tips to avoid accidents while using a sewing machine.


  • Distant yourself from the sewing machine while working. Close attachment to a machine can call injury.
  • As some sewing machines are implemented by electricity, so be careful about that.
  • Check your needle before working; if it is attached perfectly else, it can hamper you any time by dropping off.
  • Concentrate while working in your sewing machine. This is the most important thing to remember, try not to get distracted; you may run your needle over your fingers, and the rest is you know better.
  • Turn off your machine always after work. If your house is filled with kids, then it is a must. The sewing machine and all the machinery things should be turned off once it has no purpose.

Final Words

Now you are acknowledged with the answer of “how to close a pillow with a sewing machine?” You can use these techniques while making a pillow correctly without any problem. We have also discussed the process of making a pillow with that. At last, the safety tips will help you a lot to work with safety.

Do not forget these safety tips even by mistake while working with a sewing machine. Always remember them and lead a safe life.

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