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How To Sew Leather On A Home Sewing Machine?

by David Pankey
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Have you ever had a beautiful leather item as a gift? It can be a dress, or a bag, or any kind of souvenir! Or have you ever given one? Did you make it for you or bought from a store? How about making one yourself then? Are you interested in trying? There are so many questions, but the real one is, do you know how to build something from leather? 

If you have ready-made leather, then all you have to do is sew them and make something beautiful. To sew them, you need a good machine. It can be a luxurious one or a home machine. If you want to save some budget for something else, then a home machine would be the better choice. Now, the question is, do you know how to sew leather on a home sewing machine? No worries, my friend. Here we will describe it to you. 

What Kind Of Sewing Machine Do I Need To Sew Leather?

You’ll find several options right here to choose the best one for sewing leather. You can go for some expensive sewing machine for much effortless and strong sewing, but that will cost so much as well. If you are looking for the cheapest and affordable leather sewing, then you should consider home sewing machines. 


These regular sewing machines do not cost a lot and provide decent quality as well. Unlike automatic machines, you have to put some effort into it. But why not? It will save your pocket from some expensive buy. 

But as you are working with leather, you should have a professional sewing machine. A cheap sewing machine will make the job not only harder but also costly. It can do some damage to the element as well. So, you should use a good quality sewing machine for safety and professional experience, whether it is a home machine or an expensive one.

How To Sew Leather On A Home Sewing Machine?

How to sew leather on a home sewing machine? Before starting the sewing job, there are some necessary tools you need.


  • A sewing machine
  • Leather 
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Clips
  • Ironing surface
  • Iron and pressing cloth

If you have already gathered them, then get into the work. Follow the step by step process.:

  • Select the lather material and suitable size. Depending on the item you are looking for, you have to measure the suitable later size for it. You also have to consider the thickness as different cloth requires different thicknesses.
  • Next, you have to set up the machine and make it ready for the job.
  • Select the appropriate needle. Not all types of needles are good for leather sewing. So choose wisely. Then set it up with the machine. 
  • The next job would be selecting a thread. It is very important as the overall durability depends on it. If the thread is good enough to hold the joints, then it may serve for a long time. Else there is a chance of falling apart. As a reminder, try to avoid cotton thread for leather as it can’t hold tight enough.
  • Now start sewing and don’t rush to get the job done fast. Match the machine’s speed and do it slowly. This ensures that the work is going on naturally and well.
  • During the process, you have to maintain safety by using clips instead of pins. Different materials can get a hole, but that is not a problem because of their elasticity. But later it is soft and can be cut or get a hole easily. It will not recover, and there is not a way to refine it completely. So, if you are using pins, then the item will have a permanent scar on it. Clips are the best choice here. 
  • Another alternative option has to be mentioned. A double-side can be another choice to hold the material in place during work.
  • Strat pressing the foot and get the sewing work going on.
  • Adjust the thread tension slowly.
  • Complete some successful steps to make sure your work is going well.
  • After the sewing, iron the item. It will remove the wrinkles over it.
  • Hammer it to balance the weight. But do it softly, as if you do hardly, then it will leave a permanent scar on it.
  • Use long stitches and topstitch.

Well, that’s all for the process. There are some small details that you will learn from using regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, you’ve already gone through the detailed guideline of your query. And now, we’ve also added some frequently asked questions and their corresponding solutions in this section. 

Can you sew leather with a Singer sewing machine?

Yes, the answer is positive. Almost any kind of sewing machine can be used to sew leather. Different types do not affect that much on the quality. 

Can I sew vinyl with a regular sewing machine?

Let’s be honest, it depends on several prospects. If the vinyl material has more than two-layers, then it will not be possible to sew them with a regular sewing machine. But it is thin enough and does not contain more than two-layers, then a regular one would be enough to do the job. But still, it would be recommended not to use a regular machine for vinyl material. 

Do I need a walking foot to sew leather?

It is quite a funny question to answer. But the answer is obvious. You need to push the machine up and down. There is little pressure necessary to do so. As a user, sit in front of it and maintain the rhyme so it will be best if the person balances the rhyme with your foot. 

Another alternative will be enough to do the swing but maintaining as the sewing goes on will be hard to do. So, it is theoretically not necessary, but practically a walking foot is the best.

Final Thought

As we have reached the end of your long talking, now what do you think? Any question left on our guideline over how to sew leather on a home sewing machine? These accordingly provided steps will be good enough for you to use a sewing machine without any ease. 

An effortless and comfortable usage is the absolute target. You will be able to use leather for any kind of item as you want. Just follow us and start your project today.

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