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How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine?

by David Pankey
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Those who love to do some crafting or sewing job regularly, a sewing machine is indeed their companion. You’ll find numerous sewing machines from multiple brands that are leading the market. Some of them have impressive versatility, and some of them are suitable for a distinct project. But whatever you love to do, a necchi sewing machine is a budget sewing machine.

But you may ask a question, how to thread a necchi sewing machine? Here, we will talk about some of those necessary things you have to know.

Is Necchi A Good Sewing Machine?

Well, talking about a necchi sewing machine, it is pretty hard to answer with just a single question. You may ask why! Some of them have a versatile feature, but most of them are made to perform for a particular job and project.


So, if you ask about any particular machine, you have to search for a distinct review. But if you are talking about the overall grade, then the answer is pretty simple. They are the best. You may argue with many modern automatic machines, but these are the legends.

Necchi machines have been used for a long over a few decades. Along with the time, the machine has also evolved and become even more appealing.

No matter which generation we are, Necchi machines have earned the best performance and quality of trust and reputation.

There are some notable advantages to share. Like, their affordable price range, reliable and trusted performance, smooth sewing experience, 25-years of warranty, the reputation that is going down over a decade, and some cool features.

Considering all these come with the brand, it is inevitable that they are not just good, they are one of the best and arguably the best in the market.

How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine?

If you want to use a necchi thread machine, then you have to follow some guidelines. There are so many machines available for different projects, so it is really hard to follow all those manuals. It will be best if you follow the guideline on how to thread a necchi sewing machine?


There are two types of machines available- single needle and double-needle. They don’t have that much difference in the process but still not the same. We will describe them accordingly. Follow them for easy usage.

Single needle:

  • The first thing you have to do is to place a full spool thread on the front pin. As the pin is  placed on the top, it’s fairly visible. Place it and check it until you feel like it is perfect.
  • Place the tread and tight it down with the tension disc. Set the thread with the loop perfectly.
  • You should pull the thread beyond the grooved place.
  • Reverse the process and bring it to the top and tie it up with the loop.
  • Put the thread through two guides. The final one stays right beside the needle. Two guides help to maintain the thread loop in the process.
  • The next thing is you have to put the thread through the needle eye.

This is for the single needle machine. The process is not the same as for a double-needle machine where a little different thread controls the system.


  • Place the thread around each spool pin. Place them carefully.
  • You should set up the front one into right and the second one into left as you have the double thread.
  • Hold the two threads together and round them up around the tension disc.
  • Then insert them into the needle-eye.

How To Use A Necchi Sewing Machine?

You shouldn’t be worried about the process of using a necchi machine because it comes with a detailed guideline.


  • Moreover, we’ve also figured out a simple way to make it clear to understand. You have to know about different parts and how to maintain them during work.
  • The first thing is how to set up an electric connection. However, it is not hard, so you just have to follow the simple guideline. First, check the voltage. If it is ok, then plug it carefully.
  • After that, you have to know about how to set up the spool pin. However, a little assembly is required because some parts come separately. Then set up the sewing light and put them together.
  • There are many accessories. Among them, you have to set up all the extension cables. Then you should take help from the manufacturer’s guideline to place the tools in the right place.
  • Then you have to set up the needle. Check out the stitches and their adjustability. LED light, automatic features, and other parts should be checked down a swell.
  • If all are set-up, then check the bobbin plate and place it accordingly. Balance the position between the needle and string. Maintain the foot pressure and check it a couple of times.
  • Now push on the paddle and start stitching. Complete multiple stitching and see if they are a success or not. Now, release the reverse switch and go for it again. Discharge the material and clean them off.

This is a very basic using method. If you are looking for more deep instruction, then follow the manual to dig into even deeper. Make sure you are getting a good machine to do the work. If you are looking for an affordable sewing machine, then follow some recommended products from a trusted review.

Final Verdict

Let’s make sure you are following our guidelines on how to thread a necchi sewing machine? Along with many instructions, you will know the most important things about using threads.

As they are pretty technical, you have to be careful and precise to use them. And for sewing jobs, necchi holds its reputation more than anyone else. And they’re beyond your question in terms of performance and quality.

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