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Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine: Which is Better for You?

by David Pankey
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When it comes to sewing your project, you need to have a sewing machine. You can divide them into mechanical and computerized sewing machines. Depending on your needs, you have to choose one between the two.

So, the debate about mechanical vs computerized sewing machines will be cleared through the article regarding the topic. Both sewing machines have their pros and cons and are designed for different types of sewing projects. A mechanical sewing machine uses a knob to adjust the settings while a computerized one is self-controlled with various built-in stitches.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine: What’s the Difference?

Though both perform the same thing for you. It means that they sew your fabric according to your needs. The technology has changed the working process and sewing style of your project. With a computerized sewing machine, you can perform faster and better than a mechanical sewing machine whether you use it for your home or industry.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine

A mechanical sewing machine is more essential than a computerized sewing machine. Not only that, you might find a mechanical sewing machine handier as you are accustomed to the machine when you learn sewing. Higher-end mechanical sewing machines come with more decorative stitches, while computerized ones have built-in stitches.

How Do They Work?

Of course, the work process of a mechanical and computerized sewing machine is different from each other. As the name suggests, an automated sewing machine offers precise stitches than a mechanical one.

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

A mechanical sewing machine pulls two threads together that come from the spool and the bobbin. The spool remains above, and the bobbin under that makes a loop of yarn to create a stitch. Before you start stitching with a mechanical sewing machine, you must confirm that the bobbin is filled with thread and inserted into its slot.

Also, the yarn needs to go through the needle eye while working on a mechanical sewing machine. You also have to consider that the upper part of the machine is threaded to pass the yarn through the needle eye.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

A computerized sewing machine has a small monitor that allows you to see everything going on the screen. It helps you to control your needle position and sewing project for you.  Also, an on-board computer is used here to control several motors, which help you manage the needle bar precisely.

You can achieve hundreds of various stitches with your computerized sewing machine to control all the little mechanisms with the computer. While the machine’s needle goes up and down, the motor of the computer controls its speed.

Automation & Computerized Features

When discussing the automation & computerized features, the automated sewing machine beats the mechanical one. Because computerized sewing machines have a computer controlling system, whether an automated machine does not have it.

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Mechanical sewing machines can sew your fabric according to your preferences and the sewing style you prefer. It has more control, and you can see the needle, whether it will go up or down with the help of a knob that you will find on almost every mechanical sewing machine.

But if you want to describe its automation and computerized features, it will lack them because it does not have these features as you will come across with an automated sewing machine.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

A computerized sewing machine benefits you in many ways having its automation and automated features. A computerized sewing machine comes with so many features that will save both your time and effort. Also, it helps you to sew your project fast and efficiently.

An automatic needle-threader of the computerized sewing machines is one of the most convenient parts that are the most significant time-saver. If you are after upholstery sewing, you will need a sewing machine for auto upholstery.


As the name suggests, you have better control over a mechanical sewing machine. All the things in an automatic sewing machine can be done yourself. On the other hand, it is not the same when you think of a computerized sewing machine.

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

A mechanical sewing machine also provides you your needed control while sewing with it. Most mechanical sewing machines come with absolute numbers of built-in stitches that benefit you to sew your projects fast.

Not only that, some mechanical sewing machine comes with an adjustable foot controller adapter that allows you to control its speed and sewing thickness according to your preferences. So, an automatic sewing machine offers more control but manually compared to a computerized sewing machine.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

A computerized sewing machine does almost everything based on your command, and you can see everything on the screen. In an automated sewing machine, you will find some buttons to control the sewing machine based on your requirements.

Computerized Sewing Machine

You can preset everything and the needle-positioning with a computerized sewing machine. Based on your sewing project, you have to set the settings of your device and start. It will sew automatically as you instruct.

Stitch length

The stitch length of mechanical and computerized sewing machines differ due to their functionality and sewing process. With an automated sewing machine, you can monitor the stitching to gain more precise results. Modern computerized sewing machines offer the best stitch type and its speed while sewing a fabric.

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

Stitch length measures in millimeters for both mechanical and computerized sewing machines. But most modern sewing machines offer you up to 3 mm when you stitch fabric, the length of each stitch will be 3 mm.

But it varies from machine to machine. If you have a high-end mechanical sewing machine, you can expect the stitch length up to 3 millimeters.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

It provides you precise stitch length when it comes to considering a computerized sewing machine for stitch length. It is programmed by default in an automated machine. You can change the size of the stitch with the help of the controller. You will find a button that indicates stitch length to increase or decrease.

You can increase the stitch length by pressing the plus sign of the touch screen. On the other hand, if you need to decrease the stitch length based on your sewing project, you can change it by pressing the machine’s minus sign. When you are set with your desired stitch length, you can start sewing your project.


It is easily understood that price plays a vital role in your sewing machine. However, you have to wisely choose which sewing machine will be a perfect suit for you.

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

Mechanical sewing machines are affordable to most users. There are various price ranges based on the sewing machine’s quality, comfort, ease of use, and control. You can find mechanical sewing machines from $100 to $1000.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

Computerized sewing machines are pricier than the mechanical one. As it offers more features, stitch styles, ease of use, and fast sewing project, you have to pay for that. That’s why; you will find computerized sewing machines costly. The more you spend on your computerized sewing machine, the more you have to pay.

Ease of Use

Mechanical Sewing Machine:

When you start learning sewing, you remember with a mechanical sewing machine, right? So, you will find more comfort using your automated sewing machine than a computerized one. Also, an automatic sewing machine is more straightforward than an automated machine. It is more comfortable and convenient for the beginners to control and sew with your mechanical sewing machine.

Computerized Sewing Machine:

Computerized sewing machines utilize a computer to control the sewing project. Also, in the monitor of a sewing machine, you can find how the stitching is going on. It may be a bit tricky to operate a computerized sewing machine, but you can learn it quickly and sew your stitching project faster than a mechanical sewing machine.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine: Which One Is Best?

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing

So, which one will you prefer- mechanical vs computerized sewing machine? I will go for a computerized sewing machine rather than a mechanical one from my point of view. There are so many reasons behind my choosing an automatic sewing machine.

The stitch length can be controlled according to your needs quickly. Not only that, having control by computer, it provides more reliable stitching than a mechanical sewing machine.

Final Verdict

Sewing clothing for your kids or pets will be enjoyable when you can do it fast without any mistake. Therefore, you might hesitate, which is better for you- mechanical vs computerized sewing machine?

As a computerized sewing machine offers more functions and features to sew your project faster, and according to your preferred design, you should end up choosing the automated sewing machine over a mechanical one.

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